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1.  St. Timothys catholic school

R.A.T.E.D Combines is devoted to taking young athletes to the next level of competition. We utilize strength, agility, speed of physical ability, but also the mind, character, and sportsmanship of all great athletes.

P.O. Box 80095
Phoenix, Arizona 85060
I have assigned workouts at local parks in the west, east and south side of Maricopa county.

R.A.T.E.D combines Training Sports Association is proud to announce a fund raising opportunity for you to help underprivileged children!  You will join hundreds of others to help end the devastating effects of youth not participating in extra-curricular activities beyond daily school assignments.  Some parents are working just enough to pay bills and can't afford to register their son or daughter in youth sports, dance or cheer.
We have recognized the need to help through scholarships being given to their child to participate in youth activities.  Grades attendance in school and character of the child will be the determining factor upon approval to receive the scholarship.
We would like to request your assistance in providing this opportunity with a cash amount sent to the above p.o. box thank you and be blessed!


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